Courses & Programs

Our Courses and Programmes

We run over 100 training programmes ranging from half-day workshops to seven-day intensive programmes. We also facilitate in-house meetings and company functions in addition to training for specific problem solving such as productivity, system usage, process adoption and change management. Our more basic courses run for beginners and for aspiring managers and supervisors.

We train in business, finance, international commerce, sales, team productivity, new process adoption, luxury retail management, change management, senior executive training, international business etiquette and 43 other programmes. A full list of our programmes is available in this catalogue.

Our main areas of training are divided into the following subject areas:

We deliver training in:


  1. Self-Management
  2. Team Management
  3. Business Management
  4. Technology Training
  5. Executive and Senior Management Training
  6. Diplomatic Training
  7. Professional Development Training
  8. Not for Profit and Social Sector Training

Specialist and Bespoke Training Programmes by Design

All of our training programmes can be delivered face to face (in-class), online, during working hours or in the evening, on weekdays and on weekends.

We deliver training both domestically and internationally and provide the following in all of our sessions:

  1. Learning Materials
  2. Learner Guides
  3. Certificates of Attendance
  4. Subject Templates
  5. Learning Outcomes Plans

Training Needs Analysis

As part of our programmes, we provide a complimentary Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for your staff to ensure training is aligned with corporate strategy and the training goals and objectives of the corporation and the individual trainee.

Balanced Scorecard Approach

Our approach to training and development is entrenched in the Balanced Scorecard approach to business and management. We purposely map our training to your balanced scorecard to achieve the learning outcomes that enhance your bottom line.

Instructional Design

We design our learning and assessment materials around specific developmental outcomes and are able to use standardised, configured and customised materials in delivering our training. We also custom design user manuals, induction programmes and product-specific training.

Case Studies

Every one of our programmes comes with a raft of Applied Case Studies that are taken from your industry and are timely, up-to-date, relevant and experiential. We are able, at no extra cost, to add further case studies pertinent to your organisation in our training programme.

Instructional Style 

Our instructional style is experiential, hands-on and fun; geared to results for the employee and the employer. We cater for diverse audiences with different learning styles, learning drivers and personality profiles.

Delivery Style

The delivery style we adopt is in-class in a workshop setting that allows trainees to interact, apply the case studies and develop their skills in the subject matter.

We also deliver online via our Learning Management System (LMS) and via distance learning.

Audience Considerations

All our programmes take into account the learning audience, their skills and approach to learning. We cater for learners at entry level to senior executive management levels and Boards of Directors. Our training applies to private corporations, local, state and federal government as well as not for profits and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), institutions and international firms. We deliver training for blue collar and white collar professionals.

Content Structure

Courses are structured around the key subject matter areas that ensure learning can be applied in the workplace.