Courses & Programs

Training & Corporate Courses

We run over 100 training programmes ranging from half-day workshops to seven-day intensive programmes. We also facilitate in-house meetings and company functions in addition to training for specific problem solving such as productivity, system usage, process adoption and change management. Our more basic courses run for beginners and for aspiring managers and supervisors.


We train in business, finance, international commerce, sales, team productivity, new process adoption, luxury retail management, change management, senior executive training, international business etiquette and 43 other programmes. A full list of our programmes is available in this catalogue.

Our main areas of training are divided into the following subject areas:

  • Self-Management
  • Team Management
  • Business Management
  • Technology Training
  • Executive and Senior Management Training
  • Diplomatic Training
  • Professional Development Training
  • Not for Profit and Social Sector Training
  • Specialist and Bespoke Training Programmes by Design

LearnCorp Training and National Qualifications

We are a corporate training company and consequently our courses do not lead to qualifications. We are not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), however, we do work with a wide array of RTO’s who do offer qualifications in a range of subject matter areas. We have listed these in this catalogue and will be glad to provide you with relevant details if you are interested in a particular course. There are various terms and conditions that apply to qualification courses, so we recommend you contact us for a discussion to assist you in ascertaining the course relevance to your needs, prior to enrolling.

Our Certificates of Attendance

We are a pure training and development company focussed on productivity and business issues resolution through training which means issuing qualifications is not our primary target. We do issue a wall-mountable high quality certificate for every attendee in all of our programmes along with a LearnCorp Skills Matrix that shows the list of newly acquired or enhanced skills for the learner.

Costs and Class Sizes

Our fees are all-inclusive. There are no hidden fees and no extra conditions, but we run our training based on minimum class numbers, so if we do not reach that lower limit of participants, we may have to postpone the class. We only charge you once the course is confirmed as running. Our online courses can run with any number of enrolees.

Short Courses

These are usually one-day workshops that are specific and focussed. Each of these covers a particular business, commercial or managerial topic and covers the main themes and practical areas in that topic. Every workshop leads to a Certificate of Attendance.

Two Day Specialist Workshops

The two day workshops cover an in-depth topic with a range of theoretical and practical applications. The topics in these sessions tend to be specialised or niche and attract a specific trainee wanting to delve into the depth and breadth of a particular topic.

Online Learning

Most of our short courses are offered online, thus providing a degree of flexibility and time management manoeuvring room for the trainee. These courses are replicas of the face to face Short Courses and the face to face Two Day Specialist Workshops.

Customised In-House Training

This is one of the most powerful ways to enhance the capability of your team and focus the impact of training. All our courses are offered with the option of being undertaken at your premises and designed to suit your specific corporate needs. The costs of these programs are as competitive as the individually offered courses.

Course Categories

We offer several course categories under each of our types of courses. These include are listed in detail on this web site. Customised, Special and Bespoke Training

We also extent our services to Corporate and Facilitation Management whereby our facilitators are able to mediate, moderate and facilitate seminars, sales workshops and planning camps.

Course Categories

We offer several course categories under each of our types of courses. These include are listed in detail in this catalogue.


Courses in this category are designed to improve the skills, productivity and abilities of the individual by focussing on the development of their own potential. The courses on offer in this category are broad. They cover technical, commercial, business, management and interpersonal skills.

Team Management

The target of these courses is to ensure a synergy in the productivity, cooperation and outcomes achieved by a team as the combination of efforts of all its members. Courses in this category are all about team cohesion, workforce planning, team development and growth.

Business Management

Business management courses are designed to cover the business specialities of commerce, operations and enterprise that underpin the skills required to enter into or expand an enterprise. The skills are also applied in supervisory and managerial roles. Through these courses participants are able to build a strong foundation in management practice.

Designed for the mid-level employee, supervisor or manager, this category of courses covers all the major areas of managing, running, administering and growing a business and is our largest category in terms of number of courses on offer.

The Human Capital aspects of training are also catered for in our offering with Psychometric and Personality Profiling and Testing services.

Technology Training  

These hands on specialist courses are taught in a lab or pseudo lab environment and focus on technical IT and technology training as well as vendor certification form a range of the world’s foremost technology and software vendors. The training occurs in partnership with our technology partners and sister training companies with certifications in the delivery of these courses. Many courses lead to actual vendor certification, though some are focussed on practical and software application IT skills.

Executive and Senior Manager Training

These specialist courses are aimed at the experienced practitioner at senior manager, executive, board or specialist level. The courses focus on compliance, prudent business practice, corporate governance, fiduciary duties and the roles of directors, officers, senior managers as well as those of prime investors. These courses are designed for board-level executives or those aspiring to such positions.