This specialised area of training is dedicated to diplomats, students of diplomacy, practitioners of international relations, politicians and individuals aspiring to a career in diplomatic relations, foreign aid programs and international not for profit organisations.

The courses in this programme cover niche, specialist areas of knowledge pertinent to an Kenyan and international audience. We train embassies, consulates, diplomats, diplomatic missions, international business leaders and individuals wishing to work for a diplomatic mission, embassy or international body. The course contents are delivered in a highly professional setting and are customisable to an array of diplomatic training subjects depending on the specific mission or consulate or country.

The subject matter for the training is of utmost interest and is practical, professional in grade and targeted at a dedicated audience that wishes to polish and refine its diplomatic skills, cultural awareness and to enhance diplomatic success in international relations. The detailed subjects on offer also cover Diplomatic Operations, Diplomatic Protocol, Diplomatic Etiquette and Cultural Awareness Training.