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Certified Advanced Excel Skills Training – Next Class, 10th August 2024.

MS Excel Training.

Learn advanced Excel skills in just 4 days and become more efficient at data analysis.

Are you a seasoned professional aiming to enhance your proficiency in Excel, elevate your career opportunities, and distinguish yourself in the competitive job market? Alternatively, are you an employer, leader, or manager seeking to equip your team members with the essential advanced Excel skills to thrive in their roles?

From Jane, Staff

Jane, the new financial analyst at a multinational company, is excited about her new job.

In her new role, Jane encounters challenges due to the requisite advanced Excel skills, encompassing data manipulation, analysis, and automation. Despite her accumulated experience, Jane finds herself struggling to meet the demands of her new position, leading to feelings of frustration, extended work hours, and job performance-related anxiety, which, in turn, negatively impact her productivity and self-assurance. Recognizing the need to address the disparity between her current skill set and the proficiencies essential for success in her new role, Jane’s decision to enroll in our course represents a pivotal moment in her career trajectory. Armed with enhanced expertise, she can streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and furnish data-driven recommendations, directly benefiting the company’s bottom line.

Mwangi, Manager

Mwangi, the Chief Financial Manager of a growing tech company, is facing significant challenges with his finance team. Reports are being submitted late, and when they do, they contain numerous errors that could compromise the company’s financial accuracy and integrity. This situation is causing his team members to feel overwhelmed, resulting in decreased overall productivity and morale. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Mwangi seeks out a solution.

Mwangi discovers our MS Excel Course Training, which offers practical and customized training tailored to his team’s specific needs. He decides to enroll his team in the course. With our practical, customized training, Mwangi’s finance team learns how to automate tasks, analyze data, and generate reports more efficiently and accurately.

Why Study the Advanced Excel Course With Us?

  • A small online class where you interact one-on-one with the trainer and customized training tailored to your team’s specific needs for companies.
  • You’ll be awarded a Certificate in Advanced Excel upon completing the course.
  • Master Advanced Excel in four days.
  • Join our class and establish professional networks. Our past students have come from the Private Sector, UN, Parastatals, Govt agencies, and leading NGOs.
  • Expert trainer with over 10 years of experience. 15% theory, 75% Practical.
  • Affordable fees. We accept installments.

Upcoming MS Excel Course

Our upcoming MS Excel course features a flexible schedule with Saturday classes, which will be held online via live Zoom for 4 consecutive Saturdays. The course will kick off on Saturday, August 10th, 2024, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

Your Investment:

Early Bird – Kshs 15,000. Deadline 5th August

Thereafter – Kshs 18,000

USD 140 for those outside Kenya

Payment is through Mpesa Buy Goods Till No. XXXXX, or RTGS or PayPal.

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I attended the advanced Microsoft Excel course last year, and it was definitely worth the investment. Although I was already using Excel in my projects, I discovered many features that I wasn’t utilizing. With the advanced Excel skills that I gained, I can now perform complex analyses and generate reports in a significantly shorter amount of time. This has saved me a lot of time and increased my productivity. As a result, my boss is extremely pleased with my work, and I recently received additional responsibilities and a raise. Taking the Excel training was an excellent investment for me.
– Wafula, Accountant at Kenya Power

This is one of the best Advanced Excel training programs in Nairobi. Working in the finance industry, I need to have advanced Excel skills. The trainer provided valuable information and examples of best practices throughout the course, from the first class to the last. I appreciated the practical and interactive nature of the course, allowing students to interact and provide feedback. What I’ve learned will enable me to perform my duties effectively and hopefully lead to a promotion. There’s always more to learn, and I’m grateful I took this opportunity.
– Agnes, Financial Analyst at Kenya Data Networks