New Enterprise/Start-Up Workshop:
Want to start your own Business or become Self-employed?
Looking for help in becoming your own boss? We have helped many people become their own boss and watched entrepreneurial spirit flourish across Nairobi and beyond with our series of the Start-up business training.

Our range of business training and support is open to those looking to start a new business as well as those already trading for less than 12 months.

Our 3 day programme is specifically designed by award winning advisors to give you an insight into self-employment or help you launch your own business. By the end of the 3 days you will have the knowledge, skills and expertise to ‘Kick Off in Business’ and establish whether Self-Employment is right for you!

At the workshop you’ll meet our Start-up experts who are trained to support you in making your business idea happen. They’ll take you through the key stages of business and financial planning so when you leave, you’ll know exactly what it takes to create a business and have an action plan that will help you take your idea and turn it into a successful and sustainable reality.

The Self-Employment Workshop will be offered for 3 days at the Kenya Bankers Sacco Towers, to help you formalize your idea and turn it into a successful business or enhance an existing business through the development of a business plan.

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Workshop Overview

The workshop will help you lay your business’s foundation by developing a wellthought-out business plan. Your plan should include four major sections, or cornerstones. The Self-Employment Workshop will be divided into four sections.

Each section covers one of these cornerstones:

  • Cornerstone #1: The Business Idea
  • Cornerstone #2: The Market Analysis
  • Cornerstone #3: The Marketing Strategy
  • Cornerstone #4: The Financial Analysis

In each section of the workshop you will participate in three primary activities that will help you develop a strong understanding of each cornerstone:


What’s covered in the workshop

• Business planning – business concept, your market, competitors, your advertising and marketing strategy.

• Financial forecasts – how to forecast sales, what do your costs look like, how to develop a cash flow forecast and personal survival budget.

• Funding – we can help you access the funding you need to make your idea work and flourish through government backed Start Up Loan.

• Mentoring – using our bespoke matching system, we can set you up with a business mentor that has specific skills to help you grow your business.

Aside from all that, you’ll also get to meet other entrepreneurs with innovative ideas at the start of their business journey. This all helps with the confidence, inspiration and motivation to make your business dream happen.

Additional Training Strategies

You will also join and discuss as a small unit, the business plan of a mock business.
In small groups, you will work together to develop a business plan for a mock business. In this case, the mock business will be an idea you may want to grow into a business in the near future.
Personal Business Plan: Applying what you have learned, you will write the business plan for your own personal business.

To attend The Self-Employment Workshop, contact us on 0722114098 or email