Strengthening Management and Leadership Skills To Achieve High Level Performance 

Four days of Enhancing personal and managerial effectiveness, enabling participants to gain the skills needed for career enhancement, while helping organizations improve efficiency, reduce risk and deliver competitive advantage. What are the Essential Management & Leadership Skills that we must possess to succeed?


Managing the processes and workload is just one aspect of modern day managers’ job. Current era managers must offer true leadership to their teams- ‘motivate’ their team, manage change, deal with difficult people, manage performance, coach and develop their staff. The Complete Management And Leadership Training provides participants with skills and behaviours required to be outstanding leader- managers, i.e., managers well-grounded in driving both leadership and functional performance. This course is designed to give a blend between crucial Leadership and Management skills and that will ensure that in addition to excellent Management practice, the managers are well grounded in driving both leadership and overall performance, i.e. an all rounded LEADER who inspire “all the way” and differentiating people based on their performance and behaviours, including following up with rewards and development to achieve team success.


Managers keen on updating their skill set to contemporary management and leadership practices and developing the key competencies needed for managerial success today. It is a good course for anyone managing people, i.e. Directors, General Managers, Operations Managers, Heads of Departments, Line Managers, HR Managers, Senior Supervisors, Unit heads, Project Managers, Team Leaders, and Change Managers.


By the end of this 4 days program, participants should be able to;

  • Appreciate 21st Century Leadership and Management dynamics
  • Appreciate modern day leadership trends of influencing and inspiring teams
  • Motivate, Coach and Develop staff effectively
  • Develop a greater awareness of personal leadership style and how best to fit it into practical situations and changing environment.
  • Appreciate better the people factors that support performance
  • Create more open lines of communication with key people throughout the organization.
  • Engage a broader and more diverse group of key stakeholders
  • Collaborate more effectively to produce results in fast-paced environments
  • Build and lead high performing teams


  1. Organisations sponsoring Three Participants will have the 4th attend Free
  2. Our Programs are NITA Approved. Participating organizations can therefore claim reimbursement on fee paid in accordance with NITA Rules.
  3. Fees caters for all requirements for the training-Learning materials, Lunches, Teas, Snacks and Certification
  4. Participants are awarded Anderson Human Capital Certificates after the 4 days Training
  5. 7.5% Discount for Payments made by 30th APRIL 2018


See below the Modules for this four days Training program:-

Module 1 and 2

Managing and Leading in the 21st Century

  •  To-day’s Business Driving Forces
  •  The Paradigm Shift in Management Style
  •  Managing in a Customer-Driven Environment
  •  Setting the Example, Organizational skills
  •  Planning, Prioritization and Delegation

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Managing emotions (thinking and feeling) cognitively
  •  Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  •  Self Awareness, Management & Self-Regulation
  •  Motivation Social Skills and Dealing with difficult Team Members


Module 3 and 4

Planning, Goal Setting and Effective Execution

  •  Planning, Prioritization
  •  Manager to Leadership Revolution and Differences
  •  Determining the Right Mix
  • Effective Execution

Effective Communication

  • The Effective Communication Process
  • Applied Communication and Influencing Skills
  • Negotiation and Problem Solving
  • Running Effective Meetings


Module 5 and 6

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Providing guidance, feedback, and direction to successful performance
  • Communicating Instructions
  • Performance Improvement
  • Relationship Management and Delegation

Human Capital Processes

  •  Entry: Recruiting the Right Staff
  • Contracting, Probation and Confirmation
  • Effective Induction and Training
  • Separation: The Exit Interview


Module 7 and 8

Performance Management

  •  Identifying Key Result Areas (KRA’s) for Action
  •  Monitoring and Evaluation (Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Milestones, Appraisals and recommendations
  • Resources Determination and Optimization

Building, managing and leading High Performing Teams

  •  Team Building Activity/Exercise
  •  Characteristics of Teamwork
  •  Stages of Team Development
  •  Barriers to Team working
  1. Ideas into Action: Rolling Out the Plans for Action

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